Membership Benefits & Fees

Our membership fees are different from other organisations as we are a club run by the members, for the members, on a not-for-profit basis. We charge members an annual fee which gives you:
– BSAC & club membership.
free use of the pool on Tuesday nights.
free air fills from our compressor.
– free use of kit in the pool to keep up your skills on a Tuesday night.
– a monthly national magazine “Scuba” posted to your home address.
– third party dive insurance.
– access to a variety of dive experts and instructors.

Our training fee (were applicable) is applied to your annual membership fee this gives you:
– all training material or crossover packs and qualification books.
– all instruction both in the pool and in sheltered or open water required to get you qualified.
For Ocean Diver: free dives from the club RIB for the qualification dives
For Ocean Diver: free club kit rental for 6 dives after qualification
– free rental of equipment for all training dives.
as long as it takes to you pass and progress to the next dive qualification.

2023 Fees

Full Year Membership Fees

BSAC membership £65.50 – see note 1
Diving membership: £186
Junior membership: £93
Already qualified divers who are students or on their first year out of university: £1

Training Fees

Ocean Diver: £295.00 (BSAC + Club + OD = £536.50) – see notes 1&2
Sports Diver: £202
Dive Leader: £58
Try dives: £40 (100% refundable if you join straight away, and 50% refundable if you join in a year)
Refreshers: £100 (100% refundable if you join straight away, and 50% refundable if you join in a year)

Kit Rental

Scuba equipment

£8 per item per day – capped at £26 per day and at £80 per dive trip

Cylinder, BC and regs count as one item each.
All others (mask/fins/snorkel/weights etc) count as one item together.

Dry Suits
£28 per item per day – capped at £57 per dive trip

Diving Fees

For dive trips using the club rib only:

Expedition fee £33 – see note 4
Per dive fee £22 – see notes 5/6/7


1. BSAC offer several special rates including:
— Paying by direct debit – £10 off in the first year only
— Joint members sharing an address (and a copy of the magazine) – £43.50
— Juniors and full time students – £33
— £57.50 for advanced divers and OWIs
— £52.00 for First Class Divers and Advanced Instructors
— £42.00 for National Instructors
2. Open water training dives are free. Kit rental is free for the first 6 club dives.
3. Try dives and refreshers are 100% refundable if you join immediately and 50% if you join within a year
4. Towers don’t pay the expedition fee.
5. DO doesn’t pay for rib dives.
6. Instructors don’t pay for dives if they were instructing for the whole dive
7. People who’ve done the towing course get £8 off per dive (on trips that they tow on) until the cost of the course has been met or 3 years have elapsed.